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Dye your hair with walnut shells

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walnut shells
walnut shells

If you want to secure a dark brown color, dyeing your hair with walnut shells is the natural way to go for dyeing. It works well on all hair types, except extremely dry or chemically treated hair.
Put in mind that the resulting color will be light to very dark brown, depending on the original hair color.

To dye your hair with walnut shells:

  • Crush the walnut shells and boil for about half an hour (also you can use Ground Walnut Shells instead of the shells).
  • Let it cool, and strain. then apply to hair.
  • Let sit for at least an hour (be careful as this dye will stain everything, so take precautions), and finally, rinse.
    (Avoid using really hot water as it can take the color away)

This hair dye is especially good for covering gray hair, you can use a cotton ball to apply only to those areas where it’s needed.

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