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How yin yang affects your hair?

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1. Introduction:

  • Is your hair split? or greasy? or dry?
  • Is your hair falling out or has early graying?
  • Is your hair breaking?
  • Does your hair appear under your skin?
  • Are your eyelashes short or falling out?

If your answer is yes to one of the previous questions. Hairworlds site advises you to follow this category to know how yin yang affects your hair, also to follow hair and healthy food category. In order to know and understand what are the causes of your main hair problems and their solution.

Important facts:

(There is a close link between food and the phenomena of life. Where food does not exist, there are no phenomena of life, and growth, size, strength, wisdom, ignorance, ideas, attitudes, activities, the rise and fall of races and nations are all affected by food. It is determined and controlled by what we eat and drink).

Yes, up to the difficult psychological states of depression and many others, such as turning criminals into spiritual and advocates of social good. Scientific experiments are full of these results, although they are not highlighted in the media “because they are not commercially profitable.” You can search for those experiences, researches, and books, especially those conducted in American prisons, you will find many of them on the internet.

How worthwhile is that this holistic system to restore balance to our lives and health to the health of your hair, life, beauty, and light shine in your face, skin, and shine of your eyes? Yes, it is the holistic cosmic system and the impact of Yin Yang in your hair and the whole of your life.

This Information may seem odd or new to someone, but when you know and learn the laws of the holistic universe system, you will be able to understand and solve, not only your hair’s health problems but all your health problems whatever it’s.

How yin yang affects your hair quality, health, vitality, and beauty?

This is what the category of yin yang and hair will explain to you, in this illustrative introduction and the rest of the subsequent explanations, to the concept of yin and yang, the world of duality in life and holistic cosmic law. The effects of Yin and Yang on the hair and its health, vitality, beauty, type, shape, and color.

The principles of ancient medicine are built according to the concept of the holistic universe system, or the law of nature, that always rule all cosmic phenomena, including human life on Earth, and these methods have been developed and used, over thousands of years, in all ancient civilizations and the heritage of peoples, even if sometimes they were of different names.

The meaning of the yin yang terms.

  • Yen: is female energy.
  • Yang: is male energy.

They are contradictory and complementary cosmic energies. In subsequent explanations, we will explain the laws of these two energies.

Just as the universe is one and the system is one. Therefore, everything that revolves in its orbit is subject to its laws. Including us as humans and our food also, which has been explained extensively in a category of hair and healthy food world.
Here we will refer only to the food categories of yen yang.

The food is divided into two categories:

  • Foods with most “Yin” energy is:
    Sugars, juices, citrus fruits, raw vegetables, flour products, starch, raw oils.
  • Foods with most “Yang” energy is:
    Meat, fish, protein, cheese, eggs, cooked oils.

For now, let us enter our topic, which is how yin yang affects your hair.
According to the law of cause and effect, It can be considered that hair that grows over any part of the body is a result. which is a result of the body getting rid of excessive nutrition, which is the cause.
The main substance of hair is protein, fat, and mineral salts. but it also results from eating sugars and carbohydrates, which turn into proteins and fats in the body.

We can divide hair into two categories:

Hair that grows upward:

(Like head hair)
it is mostly caused by eating green vegetables, including sugars and starches, Affected by the yen’s ground upward energy.

Hair that grows downward:

(like a mustache, beard, and most body hair)
it is mostly caused by eating protein and vegetable and animal fats, affected by the sky energy Yang’s downward energy.

Our hair is similar to trees and plants that grow above the surface of the earth and reflects the quality of hair in terms of roughness, softness, color and it’s shades, softness, dehydration, and other characteristics – clearly reflect the psychological and physical structure of our bodies and their condition.

For instance, we find that people who live in Northern weather, where sunlight appears to be less and the weather is cooler, their hair is blond or brown in color with a soft texture. While we find that people who live in warm weather, where the sunlight is strong, have more rough hair and a darker color.

In conclusion, these climatic differences lead to a difference in the diet that results in different types of hair. Taking into account the genetic causes that change, and affected by the factors surrounding the passage of generations – according to the following principles:

Relationship between Hair type, Eating habits, and Climatic:

Hair typeEating habitsClimate
Blond, red, brown, thin, soft and curly (yen)More consumption of animal products, milk products, fish, grains, seasonal well-cooked vegetables, and salt (Yang)Cool (yen)
Black, brown, soft but less rough and less curliness (yen)Cereals and vegetables cooked with seasonal fruits from time to time. Animal and dairy products, fish and seafood (Yang)Moderate cold climate with four seasons (yen)
Dark or black, more rough, and not curly (yang)Grains, vegetables, and fruits including raw vegetables and fruits with a few animal products, milk products, fish or seafood (Yen)Warm climate with four seasons (yang)
Black, Rough, and curly (Yang)Grains and vegetables, including raw food, fresh fruit, juices, and very little animal products, milk products, fish, and seafood (Yen)Subtropical hot climate (yang)

According to these principles, the physiological state of the yang class that feeds on yang food leads to hair growth of the yin type and vice versa. therefore, it is easy to understand why the yen’s soft, frizzy hair with a light color grows for the infant with considering that his condition is more yang than yen because (a child, his size is smaller and his temperature is higher and other reasons that you will understand later). Then the hair changes as an infant grow and become rougher, less frizzy, and dark in general (in the result of changing his energy with the growth to less yang).

Hair appears in different parts of the body, and by examining the hair color, texture, and other characteristics, we can diagnose the state of the different body parts and the activity of their immediate functions that correspond to every place where the hair grows. as we will explain.

2. Head Hair

Hair clearly reflects the body’s mental and physical condition and specifically shows the body’s condition during hair growth. Each strand of hair strands represents all stages of the entire growth period, as the tip of the strand reflects the past time, and the area of ​​the seedlings reflects the present time, and microscopy can show clear differences in density, color, roughness, texture, and frizz in one strand of hair.

strand of head hair explains the forms of growth in the past and in the present
Figure (1): strand of head hair explains the forms of growth in the past and in the present.

If we examine a strand of hair that has grown within one year, we can divide it into parts that represent the four seasons or the twelve months of the year, and the condition of each part reveals the types of food and drink consumed, the types of diseases that the body has suffered, the mental states that have arisen, and here are some general guidelines:

Food TypeHair Type
Too much protein and fat.Dense, light
Many sugars, starches, oils, and vegetable proteins.Dense, dark
Many animal products or vegetables that well cooked with salt.Thin, light
Many animal products with salt in moderate climatic conditions. Many sugars and starches in a tropical climate and strong sunlight.Curly
Generally balanced vegetable and animal foods.Smooth
Many of the animal products or vegetables that well-cooked with salt and sometimes poor nutrition.Gray or white

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that the hair grows slowly in the late fall and winter and grows more quickly in the spring and summer. Therefore, the parts of the hair that represent the seasons are not of equal length.

Head hair and body parts attached to it:

Head hair can be divided into several areas corresponding to some specific areas of the body.

head hair and body parts attached to it.
Figure (2): head hair and body parts attached to it.
Hair AreasBody Areas
Front area (A)Kidney, bladder, excretory system, and its functions.
Lateral area (B)Lungs and large intestine and its functions.
Upper area (C)The heart, circulatory system, small intestine, and its functions.
The lateral area near the back of the head (D)Spleen, pancreas, stomach, and its functions.
Back of the head (E)The liver, gallbladder, and its functions.

How hair clarifies the internal and peripheral state of the body:

The ends of the hair clarify more the state of the internal parts in the body, while the roots of the hair clarify the condition of the parts near the ends. Accordingly, changes in color and other characteristics of the hair on the head indicate the state of the corresponding parts and glands in the body.

A- The split hair:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects your hair split, The ends of the split hair are a reflection of the yen’s condition of difference or branching and it indicates the influence of the inner area of the body from excessive eating of yen-type foods. excessive eating in general, including sugar, candy, oils and fats, fruits, juices and deficiency In eating fibrous grains, vegetables, and seaweed, as well as well-balanced mineral salts, this condition particularly reveals the impairment of the functions of the ovaries, uterus, prostate gland and testes.

split hair
Figure (3): split hair

B- White and Gray Hair:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects your hair graying, White or gray hair grows naturally with age, and this is a good example to prove that a physical condition of excessive yang leads to the appearance of this color. If a person consumes a lot of animal products or well-cooked vegetables with a relatively large amount of salt and mineral salts, without a sufficient amount of fresh leafy vegetables, this color appears easily. Eating baked or roasted salted flour products can also cause this condition. And when the hair color becomes gray or white, this means the decreased activity of liver and gallbladder functions, and the personality has become more stubborn, determined, and stiff with a strict mindset.

C- dewy and dry hair:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects your hair and make it dewy or dry. Eating liquids, including all types of drinks and fruits, fruit juices and other fluids used in cooking, leads to dew hair growth, in which case we find that the functions of the circulatory system and excretory system are hyperactive and also urination. On the other hand, dehydration leads to the growth of dry hair, in which case we find that the functions of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas are abnormal, with stagnation in the functions of the circulatory and respiratory system.

D- Greasy hair:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects your hair and make it greasy. Greasy hair growth is due to excessive intake of fats, vegetable, and animal oils, but not to the extent of accumulation of subcutaneous fat and the prevention of sweat. These fats and oils that cause this type of hair are of the type of unsaturated fats. It is possible in this case that the mucus is in the phase of accumulation in the lungs, intestines, and genitals, as a result of an increase in the fatty acids in the blood, which leads to the low activity of the respiratory, digestive, and genital functions, body laziness and general stress.

E- Dandruff:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects your hair causing dandruff. Dandruff is the process that the body gets rid of the excess food, especially proteins and fats that lead to skin flakes. This condition may result from overeating in general, or from excessive eating of any type of animal food, or from oily and fatty foods, whether plant or animal.
The appearance of dandruff indicates disturbances in the functions of the kidneys and the excretory system. It also psychologically indicates volatility in thinking, hesitancy, and irritability, and anger.

3. Hair loss

In this section, we will explain how yin yang affects your hair loss. Hair loss is a common condition in our modern times, and it may occur as spots or be one of three types of baldness, and hair loss is due to one of two main reasons that we will show:

A- Hair loss in the front area of ​​the head:

Hair loss on the front sides of the head is due to the expansion of tissues as a result of excessive intake of fluids and foods of the type of yen, including all drinks, fruits, juices, soft drinks, sugar, candy, stimulants, chemicals, drugs, medicines, raw vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, and others Of tropical greens. Part A in Figure (4).

In this case, the functions of the heart, the circulatory system, the kidneys, the excretory system, and sexual capabilities are in decrease. and the activity of the digestive system, especially the activities of the intestine may also decrease, and mentally there is a tendency to Intellectual matters more than practical and material matters.

areas of hair loss
Figure (4): areas of hair loss

B- Hair loss in the central region of the head:

Hair loss occurs in the central area of ​​the head as a result of excessive eating of Yang-type foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, milk products, fish, and seafood in some cases (Part B in Figure (4) ).
Also, animal protein and saturated fat, salt, and dried food cause this type of baldness. In this case, there is a process of accumulation of fat and mucus in the liver, pancreas, and genitals that leads to stiffness and immobility in the muscles and tissues. This condition leads to chronic disorders and problems in the digestion process. As for the psychological aspect, it indicates a stubborn personality with a tendency towards material and scientific thinking.

C- Hair loss in the front and central areas of the head:

the causes of hair loss in the front and central areas of the head are due to a mixture of the two cases above (A and B): Excessive eating of yin and yang foods such as animal products, sugar, fruit, juices, chemicals, drugs and a lack of nutrients balanced from beans, grains, vegetables, and seaweed.
Therefore, many health symptoms such as illnesses, mood swings, irritability, lack of calm and patience, eminence, compassion, and perseverance appear.

D- hair loss in the form of patches:

the hair loos as patches in a certain part of the head may be a temporary symptom as a result of eating one or two types of foods mentioned above. The location of this hair fall in the upper part of the head is due to sudden overeating animal products, which leads to a disruption in the small intestine functions, and if the hair falls on both sides of the head, this is due to the sudden intake of large amounts of animal fats, milk products, vegetable oils, fruits and fruit juices, which leads to a temporary disruption in the lungs functions. And if hair loss accompanies the appearance of dandruff, this is an indication of the disposal of animal fats.

4. The mustache and the beard

In this section, we will explain how yin yang affects your hair on the mustache and the beard. About the growth of the hair of the mustache and the beard is also an indication of the process that the body getting rid of excess food. This hair usually appears in men and does not appear in women. If a man’s mustache and beard do not appear, this is an abnormal condition, as well as if the mustache and beard appear for women. Since the area around the mouth corresponds to the genital area, the mustache and beard are closely related to the condition and function of female and male hormones.
Here are some general diagnostic guidelines:

A- Dense mustache and beard:

The dense mustache and beard refer to the increase in nutrition, the excess of eating, and the speed of metabolism. The excessive intake of animal food types increases the density of the mustache and the beard more than the plant food types, but the excessive intake of plant food types can also lead to the same result. and this case indicates a stronger physical nature with a tendency to rudeness.

B- Light mustache and beard:

The light mustache and beard refer to the lack of nutrition, especially the lack of proteins and fats and the slow metabolism process. As the speed of the mustache and beard growth is commensurate with the metabolic activity, the person who performs less physical activity grows his mustache and beard more slowly in this case. and indicates a gentle nature, it tends more to what is intellectual and aesthetic.

C- The mustache and beard that covers the cheeks:

The hair of the mustache and beard that covers a large part of the face, especially in the area of ​​the cheeks, is due to excessive intake of milk products or animal fats. In this case, the level of the genital system activity is below the average, and mental abilities are limited somewhat especially the ability to spiritual meditation.

D- The mustache and beard for a woman:

The reason for the appearance of a mustache or beard in a women’s face is due to a diet rich in animal food, proteins, and fats, or as a result of excessive eating in general because the woman has no mustache or beard. If this happens, it is an indication of disorders in the functions of the genital system.

5. Body hair

In this section, we will explain how yin yang affects the hair on your body. Hair appears in many areas of the body and varies from person to person according to the differences in the diet followed in the fetal period. In general, we can notice some basic patterns related to the growth of hair in the body:

  • Asian ethnicities have less hair on the body than Western ethnicities.
  • People who live in a hot or warm climate have less hair on the body than people who live in a cold climate.
  • People on a vegetarian diet have less hair on the body than people who eat meat and animal products.
  • Women have less body hair than men.

The amount of body hair tends to decrease with the development of biological evolution towards the finest species. the invertebrate scales, amphibians, fish scales, and reptiles have evolved into a hair in the bodies of mammals. And the more mammals rise to the level of humans, the faster the body’s hair will disappear until it completely fades in women – the highest levels of development and biological advancement on the earth nowadays.

Accordingly, it can be said people those who the hair grows in their bodies, whether men or women are people who did not follow the daily diet appropriate for humans: grains and vegetables and eat other types of food such as meat, poultry, eggs, milk products, sugar, protein-rich foods, and fats, whether vegetable or animal ones.

A- Placement of hair in the body and its implications:

The hair of the body clarified the following different cases and conditions according to its location:

body hair
Figure (5): body hair
CaseReasonThe place of hair
The impairment of the airways, lungs, and respiratory functions.Animal fats, milk products, and vegetable oils.(A) Chest area.
The impairment of the Bowel and digestive system functions.Animal proteins, saturated fats.(B) Abdominal area.
Weak lungs and respiratory functions.Vegetable and animal fats, excessive intake of sugar and other starches and sugars.(C) Upper back area.
The impairment of Renal and excretory system functions.Excessive milk products and other animal fats, vegetable fats, excessive intake of protein.(D) Middle back area.
The impairment of the bowel and digestive system functions.Excessive eating of animal and vegetable foods rich in protein and fat.(E) Lower back area.
Impairment of the body part in this place and in his job.Excessive animal and vegetable proteins and fats.Hair anywhere of the body.

B- Hair of arms and legs:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects the hair of arms and legs. the less of hair of arms and legs indicate less consumption of animal products, while its abundance shows more consumption of animal products and vegetables rich in proteins and fats. The hair of the legs is usually thicker and rougher than the hair of the arms.

For a man, thick hair on the legs indicates either excessive sexual function or excessive restraint. As for women, it is normal for a very little amount of hair to appear on her arms and legs, or not if she is in good health. The appearance of white or silver hair on the arms (or the so-called “baby’s hair”) is due to excessive intake of milk products, especially milk, in which case there is impairment of the functions of the digestive and respiratory systems and there may be an accumulation of fat and mucus in multi parts of the body.

C- armpit hair:

The length and density of armpit hair are due to excessive eating, especially proteins and fats, with excessive fluids, including all drinks, fruits, and juices. In this case, the functions of the digestive system are in a weaker state.
Thin and short armpits hair is due to a lack of nutrition, consuming more vegetables and fruits than food rich in carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, and fats, and this case reveals the possibility of impairment in the functions of the circulatory system and the respiratory system.

D- Pelvic hair:

Here we will explain how yin yang affects the hair on your pelvic. The condition of the pelvic hair differs from one person to another due to the differences in the physical structure that have grown in the fetal period in addition to the differences in the diet followed from childhood to the present time and here are some guidelines:

The CaseThe Dietary CauseHair Type
Healthy sexual and genital ability in general.Rich food and excess of fat and protein from mainly animal and vegetable sources in some cases, such as pulses, nuts, and other oily foods.A dense pelvic hair.
Sexual senses are more sensitive, but genital capacity is weaker.Less nutrition or less eating, especially in eating proteins and fats. excess of eating vegetables and milk products in some cases.A light pelvic hair.
Irregular sexual behavior and increased susceptibility to disorders in the genitals.Excessive eating of proteins and fats, with milk products, sugar, fruit, and juices.Large space of pelvic hair.
Healthy sexual status and genital ability in general.Less diversification of food, especially proteins and fats.Small space of pelvic hair
Sexual sensitivity but less genital capacity and vitality.Excessive consumption of eggs, cheese, yogurt, dark fish crust or flour products, and other yen food with less intake of grains and vegetables.Absence of hair in the pelvis

6. Eyebrows

The eyebrows reflect the state of the nervous, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory system and the excretory system, and therefore they indicate the structure that forms in the fetal stage, as well as the current health status.

The eyebrows as a general show the history of human growth in the fetal stage, where the inner part of the eyebrow reflects the early fetal stage and the middle part reflects the middle stage and the ends of the eyebrows reflect the last stage of fetal development and given that the life path after birth generally repeats the growth process that occurs in the fetal stage, these parts of the eyebrows, respectively, reflect the stage of youth, middle age and old age of human life.

eyebrows parts
Figure (6): eyebrows parts
  • Right eyebrow – a greater influence of the father.
  • Left eyebrow – a greater influence of the mother
  • A- Early fetal stage – youth.
  • B – Middle fetal stage – middle age.
  • C- Final fetal stage – aging.

By examining the eyebrows, we can diagnose the general structure of the body and the distinguishing characteristics of its health state according to the following method:

A- The distance between the eyebrows:

The distance between the eyebrows is a result of the mother’s nutritional habits during pregnancy, especially during the third and fourth months. The narrower distance is the result of excess consumption of animal products (yang) such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish and caviar, as well as excess cooking vegetables marinated with large amounts of salt.
Whereas the wider distance between the eyebrows is the result of the mother consuming milk, sugar (yen), fruit, light drinks, raw leafy vegetables as well as tropical vegetables.

the distance between the eyebrows
Figure (7): the distance between the eyebrows

The narrower distance between the eyebrows:

it indicates the susceptibility of some of the body parts such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys, heart, and other parts and chunky yang glands to easily develop disorders due to excessive eating of the Yang type during the growth period.

The wider distance between the eyebrows:

indicates the possibility of some other body parts such as the lungs, intestine, bladder, and gallbladder having disturbances as a result of excessive eating of yen-type foods during the growth stage.

On the intellectual level:

The narrowest distance between the eyebrows indicates the narrowness of the horizon, stubbornness, determination, and excitement, while the wider distance denotes hesitation, insecurity, inability to make decisions, and lack of determination. The ancients used to name the wide distance markedly between the eyebrows as a “widow sign” or ” The mark of separation”.

B- The eyebrows angle:

The eyebrows angle also shows the physical and mental structure, and it is determined according to the type of food that the mother consumes during pregnancy.

a- Upward oblique eyebrows are the result of eating a lot of animal products, and they represent an aggressive and dominant personality who has susceptibility to heart and liver problems.
b- Downward oblique eyebrows are the result of eating a few animal products and more vegetables. They indicate a superfine, receptive personality with susceptibility to kidney problems and intestines. (strengthening of the small intestine)

angle of eyebrows
Figure (8): angle of eyebrows

c- The eyebrows with a balanced shape – with light curvature – are the result of the mother eating balanced food during pregnancy and it reflects a mental and physical balance.

d- The curved eyebrows whose inner part is facing up, while the outer part descends to the bottom, indicates excessive intake of animal products during the first period of pregnancy, and then eating more vegetables in the last period of it. A person who has such eyebrows tends to physical and social activity but is suave and with a shy and sometimes disturbed psyche.

He has vigor, physical, and social vitality in the youth stage, after which he is preoccupied with more intellectual and spiritual matters. In this case, the kidneys, liver, and spleen are easily affected by excessive food, both yin, and yang.

C- The state of eyebrows hair

a- The density of eyebrows

It shows the amount of vitality the person has. The more density of eyebrows, the more activity, and vice versa.

different shapes of eyebrows
Figure (9): different shapes of eyebrows

b- The long hair of the eyebrows

It reveals a spiritually and mentally active personality more than a physical body, while eyebrows with short hair express a physically active personality.

c- Broad, full eyebrows

It indicates active vitality, and narrow eyebrows indicate less vitality. If eyebrows begin to narrow, this is a sign of mental and physical deterioration.

d – When the color of eyebrows hair changes

This is an indication of an important change in the mental-physical state of the body. If the color of the eyebrows changes from the natural dark color to gray or white, this is due either to old age or to excessive consumption of table salt and mineral salts, and if the color becomes lighter, this is due to excessive intake of mineral salts and animal products, but if the color becomes darker, this is due to a lot of eating vegetables.

e- Hair growth between the eyebrows

It is due to eating milk products and fatty animal products during the third and fourth months of pregnancy. Those who are distinguished by this type of eyebrows tend to have liver, pancreas, and spleen to be easily affected by excessive intake of animal products and fatty or oily foods as well as milk products.

f- Slit eyebrows

It indicates the possibility of developing a serious disease in some stage of life. Hence the danger of cosmetic fashion in young people and adolescents today, with the intention of imitating celebrities, by slitting the eyebrow hair. Where the risk of serious illness is represented even if that slit was not congenital from birth.

For example, nose plastic surgery, let me mention this unstated fact. That 35% of women who have performed plastic surgeries on their noses have become infertile after cutting the nose bone and reducing its size for a beauty purpose. And every woman who has performed this procedure realizes that something has changed in her personality as well and she knows exactly what we are saying, so most of them intentionally undergo psychotherapy whether they know the reason or not.

So, we conclude how the shape relates to the type of energy that interacts with our bodies. The holistic system is very accurate and tampering with it is not commendable.

7- Cilia (eyelashes)

different shapes of cilia
Figure (10): different shapes of cilia

A- Long cilia:

Long cilia indicate excessive intake of fluids, raw vegetables, fruits, and other yen items.

B – Cilia tilted outward:

If the cilia are tilted outward, this shows an abnormal nervous sensitivity and indicates a state of weakening in the functions of the genital system as a result of excessive eating of the type of “yen” such as fruit, fruit juice, wine, sugar, candy, aromatic and stimulating drinks, as well as drugs and medicine during Early childhood stages.

C- Short cilia:

Short cilia are caused by eating more yang-like foods such as well-cooked salted food, baked and roasted items, cooked animal products, and less consumption of grains and vegetables.

D – Inward growing cilia

Inward growing cilia refer to eating intense types of food “yang” such as large quantities of salt, meat, eggs, fish, caviar, and poultry without eating sufficient amounts of grains and vegetables to balance them. In this case, the genital system functions are often affected by the dysfunction. Especially in women who may suffer from menstrual cramps or shortages due to ovarian contraction.

8. Subcutaneous hair growth

Here we will explain how yin yang affects the hair causing subcutaneous hair growth, whether on the face or body in women or men, is an indication of the extreme extremism in your diet towards the yang energy, that is, you depend on the type of extreme food in yang energy such as meat, fried foods, fish, cheeses, eggs, salt, and crunchy foods. This phenomenon is the opposite of the phenomenon of split hair.

And if you have both cases together, this means that the nature of your food is extreme in both yin and yang directions. As you eat a lot of other foods such as sweets, fats, ice cream, honey, drugs, alcohol, and juices of all kinds, and stimulants.

This is what we see when some have diseases that belong to the female nature and corresponding diseases that belong to the male nature, and this is what we will learn about in the category of hair and healthy food and the way to treat it and get rid of that annoying phenomenon.

9. Conclusion

From what has been mentioned previously about how yin yang affects the hair, we conclude that the relationship between hair and the balance of yin and yang energy in your body is close.

Consequently, we find that any defect present in the hair has an indication of some defect in the body and some of the functions of its parts, whether through the acquisition of that imbalance from the wrong habits in food, or you have acquired that fingerprint and energy characteristic in the fetal stage, through your mother’s food.

So in order to treat all of these problems, you will find a comprehensive explanation that restores your body, hair, and beauty to the energy balance between yin and yang energy through balanced food between these two energies.
You will find all of this on the hairworlds, in the category of hair and healthy food.

to be continued …

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