Category: Hair and Non-healthy Food World

In this category, we show and list the foods and wrong methods of preparing food and wrong practices in nutrition that destructive to the health of hair.
As we move away from them or reduce their consumption, we have given a gift of health to our hair.
1 – homoglycans, represented by white sugar and the products that contain it such as sweets and not from a natural source such as fruits.
2 – vegetable fats such as vegetable ghee, vegetable butter, and vegetable oil, especially when exposed to heat and use it in frying, and all vegetable oils except olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil.
3 – Poultry eggs, except organic chicken eggs, it’s good.
4 – Fast food
5 – Energy imbalance between the (Yin & Yang) energies, caused by wrong methods of preparing food.
6 – Chemical contamination in food.

The food extremism effects on hair

The food extremism affects hair in many ways, so what types of food cause the growth of hair under the skin or the growth of eyelashes towards the eye?As mentioned in the food category has been classified as the kind of energy carried by food and we knew the impact of male energy (yang) in […]

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