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We have always talked about the organic world for hair care. This means a tendency towards nature and our return to the right interaction with it. The exclusion of hair and body from nature has led them to disorder somehow, and to occur the phenomenon of dry hair and oily hair and the phenomenon of dandruff, which is also classified as two types: Dry and Greasy. and other phenomena such as Dermatophyte, itchy grains, the phenomenon of light or intense hair loss, and sometimes the phenomenon of (gray/white) hair early in the age of the person.
also the phenomenon of hair under the skin, and the phenomenon of the growth of eyelashes towards the eye. all of these are true signs of imbalance energy between the two types of energy (Yin & Yang) in the person’s food.
All of these are because we do not know the reasons and what are the wrong practices that led us to it.

In principle, there is no so-called dry hair or greasy hair in nature. Its presence is a clear proof of our unfairness to the body and hair, so nature is on the side and we are on the other side. This often led to the common label of dry hair or greasy hair, It is the nature of the hair of the person.
This issues will be clarified more and more in several parts of the organic world for hair.

In this category, we will take care of the phenomenon of greasy hair and other problems (externally only) through recipes and products to strengthen and prolong and intensify hair.

Flaxseed and lemon juice for greasy hair health and scalp

Flaxseed are rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, so they can be used to intensify hair, in addition to the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, because they are anti-inflammatory, microbes and excess fat, thus reducing Itching, promotes scalp health, and a natural alternative to hair styling products. The flaxseed and lemon juice recipe’s ingredients: How […]

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Olive and Lavender oils for greasy hair dandruff problem

Greasy hair dandruff problem treatment Ingredients: Usage:

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Tea oil and aloe vera gel for greasy hair loss problems

Tea tree oil and aloe vera can cure greasy hair, hair loss problems, and improve hair density, calms the itching and irritation of the scalp, which works to balance the moderate acid medium of the scalp and hair, which in turn eliminate the fungal infection. The Ingredients: Usage:

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The explanation of greasy hair

Greasy hair can be lifeless and therefore challenging to style. But the worst-case scenario is for the sebum glands to clog the hair roots, resulting in excessive hair loss and dandruff. The most important causes of greasy hair: – Greasy hair and dandruff Many dandruff sufferers produce an excess amount of skin oil that combines […]

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