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Whereas hair worlds site is concerned with the health of hair externally through the application of natural combinations to hair, and internally through the application of some recipes or nutritional advice based on modern science and ancient sciences and the civilizations and heritage of peoples.
The pathological and health difficulties experienced by humans today. Hair worlds site would like to present the knowledge and science in its portfolio to alleviate this burden, especially in epidemic times such as coronavirus and other known diseases and various pathological symptoms. And this is through some old and modern recipes and some individual practices and simple exercises in the application, and strong and effective in the results, and often faster than using the drug, especially applications and exercises of reflexology, which is not a substitute for traditional treatment. But it fulfills the reduction of symptoms or pain and sometimes the symptom disappeared within minutes.
Thus, these applications help the person to reduce his pain and sometimes save him from a great danger, in some cases such as high pressure, for example. Until the drug takes its effectiveness.
Just as the Hair Worlds site in the Hair Mudras section has developed special hair mudras, so also in DIY Treatments will put in place useful mudras for some important public health situations for all people and age groups.

DIY treatments for depression that affect your hair

Dear reader: Given the importance of hair being influenced by the diseases syndromed and associated with it. And as science has proven in the past decades of this connection and influence. And the keen on “Hair Worlds” to clarify and identify all factors affecting the hair, which he derived from the system of the Holistic […]

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DIY hand and hair sanitizer against coronaviruses (COVID-19)

Due to what humanity is experiencing today from the fear and danger of being exposed to corona-viruses (COVID-19) disease, and what the hairworlds website possesses knowledge and experience in the applications and recipes of essential oils and natural materials gifted to us from nature. We can only offer our dear readers this simple recipe for […]

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