Category: Hair and Negative Energy

As you know that the energy surrounding you, are positive and negative. and that is subject to many conditions and factors, so you have to protect your body and your hair from negative energy, and learn how to attract the positive ones.
it’s strange, but it really true for your hair that it also carries your thoughts and emotions. Just imagine all the worries, stress, bad days, and unhealthy thoughts you’ve managed to overcome in the last months or years, all trapped in your hair. And not only that, but your hair also absorbs the energy around you, not to mention pollution, heat, and chemicals. So, since it is healthy to trim it or cut it short every once in a while.
also, it is good to wash your hair with salty water, before or after the shampoo twice a month, where salt saves you from all those negative energies lingering in your hair.

The concept of negative energies that we are exposed without our knowledge of them

Introduction In this post, we will show you a way that gains you negative energy, which you can easily transform it into positive energies. And work to create the body’s energy harmony with the largest energy that surrounds us and nourishes us, which is the Earth. Earth is one of the most important sources of […]

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10 Ways to get rid of the static in your hair

Static hair (static electricity) is really annoying, It occurs when negatively-charged electrons fly off your hair, leaving your strands filled with positive charges that resist each other, resulting in flyaway, unpredictable hair that can sometimes be so difficult to style. Therefore, how to get rid of static hair? 1 – Avoid Using Plastic Combs Using […]

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