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The concept of negative energies that we are exposed without our knowledge of them

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In this post, we will show you a way that gains you negative energy, which you can easily transform it into positive energies. And work to create the body’s energy harmony with the largest energy that surrounds us and nourishes us, which is the Earth.

Earth is one of the most important sources of energy that feeds us, so it’s important to be in tune with its energy, not wrestle with it. And that can be done
through our daily practices, one of which is the state of the body’s direction during the sleep.

A simple method to transform this negative energy into a positive one

As we know, we spend one-third of our daily time in sleep. so, imagine in these eight hours if your body is nourished properly and in the harmony with its surroundings, or that it wrestles with the surrounding energy to gain something from them.
If you want your body being in the harmony with the earth’s energy, you should sleep towards its magnetic field north-south (your head to the north) in the countries which in its northern half. and if you are in a country in its southern half, sleep towards south-north.


This simple and effortless method, will improve all your body energy and psychological, makes you feel comfortable, and sleep deeper.
Thus, Firstly it will reflect positively on the health and strength of your hair, and secondly, which is also (your hair) will feed on this energy and be in harmony with it.

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