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Chin Mudra benefits for hair growth & prevent hair loss

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What is Mudra?

Simply, Mudra is a hand gesture that leads the energy flow to specific areas of the brain. and depending on what we specifically need (for example: specifically need for hair health and growth) we can find many types of Mudras to bring different benefits and benefits for what we are specifically looking for (which is Chin Mudra benefits for hair in this article).

Mudras are done in synchronism with our breathing to increase the flow of “Prana” in our body. when we are practicing it, a connection is developed with the patterns in the brain that start influences the unconscious reflexes in different areas. Then the internal energy becomes balanced and redirected, thus it creates an effect on the sensory organs, tendons, and glands veins.

Some of the Chin Mudra benefits for hair and health

  • Sharpened memory.
  • Building a mental ability to adopt new things.
  • Great of the significant benefits of this mudra is improving hair growth.

How to do the Chin Mudra:

  • Join the tip of your finger with the thumb to create a circle in your palm.
  • Keep other fingers unfolded and extended (especially the middle one).

Only a few minutes of practicing this mudra will give you many benefits and improve your hair growth significantly.

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