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Handmade carved natural sandalwood hair comb

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About Green Sandalwood:

Green Sandalwood is one of the densest and finest woods in the world and it takes a hundred years before a sandalwood tree reaches maturity. It is the only tree in the world with a heartwood that emits fragrance, a distinctive natural fragrance of Sandalwood that will last for decades.
The handmade carved natural sandalwood hair comb is made from natural wood, the color and texture in each one are unique, but the quality is all the same.

Handmade carved natural sandalwood hair comb

Product details:

Handmade carved natural sandalwood hair comb benefits:

  • Prevent bruising or scraping your scalp: a much softer & more polished feel than plastic or metal combs.
  • Help stimulate the scalp and promote hair health: distributes oils evenly throughout hair to end, giving your hair a shiny and lustrous look.
  • Prevent hair dryness: reduce split end damage and hair breakage. Detangle hair easily.

Useful tips on hair care & maintaining your comb:

Never use water to clean Jade Sandalwood combs, or use the comb on wet hair, in order to preserve its natural luster. Instead, use natural oils like jojoba oil or Camellia oil to clean them. Over time, when exposed to different temperatures and light, the jade sandalwood may darken in color. This is also a natural phenomenon and a special characteristic of genuine sandalwood.