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Benefits of clary sage essential oil for hair

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Clary sage essential oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil

There are many benefits of clary sage essential oil for hair. An important ester in this oil called linalyl acetate reduces skin inflammation and regulates the production of oil on the skin.
The clary sage plant produces tall spikes of lilac and pink flowers with an incredibly potent, musky aroma.
The essential oil has a musky, nutty, and woody-sweet scent.

Benefits of clary sage essential oil for hair

  • Clary sage works as a natural remedy for rashes, and it works as an antibacterial agent.
  • it can contribute to hair growth and prevent or reverse premature balding.
  • Clary sage can help relieve stress and reduce cortisol levels in the body. it works as a natural remedy for stress-induced hair loss.


Clary sage works well with jojoba oil, Mixing Clary Sage and Jojoba Oil can help to regulate oil production on the skin, helping you treat dandruff, dry skin, and dry hair. When used as a scalp massage, clary sage oil encourages hair growth and minimizes hair loss. It can also coat the hair shaft and improve shine.
Also, you can add a few drops to shampoo, facial or body wash, and massage oil.

Important Notices:
  • Pregnant and lactating women are advised to use the recipes that containing essential oils only after consulting a doctor.
  • We warn against the use of essential oils in the dense form, but must be diluted by one of the carrier oils, and that the proportion of essential oil does not exceed 4% of the mix ratio.
  • See Also: Essential oils risks and potential complications

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