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Did you know that you can support the health of your hair through some simple exercises?
These exercises correct some of the faults in your body’s energy meridians that have been damaged by wrong practices, food, psychological, or even energy around you or otherwise.
When correcting and opening the energy meridian in your body in an ideal way, it works to restore the correct energy nutrition of the hair. Therefore, those exercises gained satisfaction, approval, acceptance, and fame from everyone who used them.

Chin Mudra benefits for hair growth & prevent hair loss

What is Mudra? Simply, Mudra is a hand gesture that leads the energy flow to specific areas of the brain. and depending on what we specifically need (for example: specifically need for hair health and growth) we can find many types of Mudras to bring different benefits and benefits for what we are specifically looking […]

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Prasanna Mudra benefits for hair growth & prevent hair loss

Prasanna Mudra is beneficial in curing hair loss. It has the unique power to stimulate hair regrowth. How to do the mudra? Bring your hands near the chest and press the nails of the four fingers on each other. Do this practice for 5 to 10 minutes every day for 30 days. Remember to keep […]

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Pran Mudra benefits for hair growth & prevent hair loss

Pran Mudra ( also called Prana Mudra ) means life energy or a force.It is useful to increase the pranic energy (vital force) and also enhance immunity and vitality. so, it stimulates the root chakra and directs the energy to this body, Besides many benefits which can give you the best shining and glowing hair. […]

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Vayu Mudra benefits for hair growth & prevent hair loss

Some of the Vayu Mudra benefits for hair and health: Vayu Mudra decreases the Vayu element in the body giving many health benefits. Since the restless and anxious mind is known to be one of the primary reasons behind hair fall. Therefore, this mudra calms your mind and nervous system which in turn gives you […]

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Prithvi Mudra benefits for hair growth & prevent hair loss

Prithvi Mudra increases the earth element and decreases fire element of the body so it is giving many beneficial effects including strengthening the tissues of the body and the reducing body temperature. and all of these beneficial effects will positively reflect on your hair health and growth and prevent hair loss. This mudra is considered […]

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The exercise of the laundry tweezers to strengthens hair

This simple exercise of laundry tweezers can strengthen and freshen your hair when you continue to apply it twice or three times a week until you find the result has been satisfied.Where the tweezers are placed on the fingernail of each finger, and in one hand only for five minutes, and you can apply them […]

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