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As we know and what is known in the eastern sciences, as Ayurveda and Macrobiotic, food plays a very important role in human being’s health because of containing the two main kinds of energy (yin and yang), the two cosmological energies, the contradictory, the complementary of each other, as the energy of night and day, coldness and heat.. so that we never know the night without day, and so on.. The absence of one of the kinds of energy means absolutely the absence of another one.
The worthy thing to be said is the extremism in one of these energies leads to a problem in the system, the body system, the health system. This system or this body is a part of the cosmological system and its balance. The eastern sciences show that the balance of these two energies means the body is healthy. The experiments refer to hair health and its balance between dryness and oiliness, and there is not any ill symptom in it when applying the balance of yin and yang in food. In this category, we will talk about the ordered balance of these energies, thus we fulfill the balance of the hair. We will explain the way of work for balancing these energies with the least effort of praxis in the kitchen. And without the deep analyzing of the science of nutrition Macrobiotic, we will present only the short and important information to understand this system in food, and its wonderful advantages on the health and hair.

Spirulina for hair growth and vitality

The hairworlds site, in the category of hair and healthy food world, and as readers of hair worlds site are accustomed to its methodology, the complete link between the general health of the body and the health and vitality of hair and its beauty, as shown in the rest of the site’s sections as (hair […]

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Benefits of biotin for Hair Health & Growth

There are many benefits of biotin for hair health & growth, moreover, the lack of biotin in the body reduces the nutrition of hair, which leads hair to weakness, breakage, and brittle.Therefore, any of these nutrients which carry red or yellow color is rich in this nutrient for hair. It is also available in the […]

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The food extremism effects on hair

The food extremism affects hair in many ways, so what types of food cause the growth of hair under the skin or the growth of eyelashes towards the eye?As mentioned in the food category has been classified as the kind of energy carried by food and we knew the impact of male energy (yang) in […]

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