The food extremism effects on hair

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The food extremism affects hair in many ways, so what types of food cause the growth of hair under the skin or the growth of eyelashes towards the eye?
As mentioned in the food category has been classified as the kind of energy carried by food and we knew the impact of male energy (yang) in the body that it is deflationary energy.
The phenomenon of subcutaneous hair and And it remains deflation subcutaneous is the best example and indication of our body about deflationary energy and the thirst of the body and that hair for expansionary energy (yin) also.
Is evidence of extremism in the kind of food that we eat towards the male energy (yang) such as meat, eggs, pans, cheeses, and salt.. you will find a detailed explanation of the affiliation of nutrition to both energies in the category of the law of yin and yang and you can find the reverse incarnation.
When you see a person who has a short, few, poor, and falls easily eyelashes. This is the example of the extreme person in the other kind of this food, which is the energy of (yin), such as sweets, many juices, coffee, many flavors of sour and hot drinks.
Another incarnation of lashes on balanced energy of yin and yang, when you see the eyelashes of a person leaning in his food for the vegetarians, you find his eyelashes healthy, shiny, long, and curved to the top clearly in the upper eyelid and in the lower eyelid also be healthy, shiny, and long curved down clearly and beautifully, where the eyelashes gave the eyes sparkling brilliance as a young flower.

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