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A recipe for significantly increasing hair growth

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Applying oil mask to the hair and scalp
Applying an oil mask to the hair and scalp

The recipe ingredients:

The recipe contains natural oils such as Olive oil, Sesame oil, Peppermint oil, and Lavender oil in the following quantities:

To have A recipe for significantly increasing hair growth, Just Mix the previous ingredients together and apply them to the hair and scalp from night until morning, then wash your hair with a mild or baby shampoo.
Apply it twice a week, and you will see a significantly increasing hair growth after one month of usage, preferably used for two months.

Moreover, A tasty and healthy oil, toasted sesame oil can be an excellent addition to any cooking routine. Due to its rich, nutty flavor, this oil, which is made from toasted sesame seeds, is frequently used in Asian cooking.

Additionally, toasted sesame oil provides a wealth of health advantages that can enhance your general well-being, which will have an impact on the health of your hair. Antioxidants found in abundance in sesame oil can aid in defending your cells against harm from free radicals. Additionally, it has a lot of good fats, which support heart health and decrease cholesterol. You may take advantage of toasted sesame oil’s many advantages and promote healthy hair development by using it in your cooking.

Important Notices:
  • Pregnant and lactating women are advised to use the recipes that containing essential oils only after consulting a doctor.
  • We warn against the use of essential oils in the dense form, but must be diluted by one of the carrier oils, and that the proportion of essential oil does not exceed 4% of the mix ratio.
  • See Also: Essential oils risks and potential complications

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