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Effective hair mask to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem for most people, as most of us have had it at some stage in his life. Its the result of the overproduction of dead skin, but also it may be caused by other factors such as winter air that produces dry skin, or a vitamin-deficient diet, or by the harsh […]

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How to use shea butter as a hair moisturizer?

Shea butter is a fat extracted from shea nuts that are harvested from the “Vitellaria Paradoxa” tree in West Africa. it is¬†widely used in cosmetics (as a moisturizer, salve, or lotion), natural skin care products, and hair-related products. Also, it is edible and used in food preparation in some African countries. Shea butter has a […]

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How to use coconut oil for itchy scalp?

One of the common reasons for scalp itches (or scalp pruritus) is when your scalp is extremely dry, so all that you need is to moisturize it. When your skin is dry, It is also less able to defend against invading irritants, allergens, and sensitizers.An untreated dry scalp is easily exposed to be very dry, […]

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